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Remember when you used to be a kid and you swore you would rather eat dog food than let one stalk of broccoli pass thru your lips? No matter what vegetable was your particular infancy arch-enemy, at some point everyone heard 1 or both of their parents say something along the lines of, No pudding till you eat your vegetables! This wicked mandate might have appeared cruel at the time but as every child grows up to learn moms and pops truly do have our best interests at heart.

Ever since the idea of the 4 basic food groups and the food pyramid, there appears to be more and more scientific proof establishing what mom and dad always knew. Vegetables are our chums. A new report by Dr. Robert O. Young suggests that not only are plants good for us thanks to the many vitamins and nutrients they supply, they also keep our ph levels balanced. According to the Alkaline Diet, many health Problems stem from eating too much acidic foods and not enough alkaline foods.

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Not surprisingly, vegetables and fruit make up the majority of alkaline foods on Dr. Young’s chart. So even though you may not have outgrown your dislike to broccoli, there are loads of other healthy options for you in the plant group. Just stroll down the produce aisle at your local corner store and be sure to load up your cart.

An alternative way to boost your ph balance is through ph water drops. According to Dr. Young, acid builds up in the body from eating too much sugar, fat, meat and dairy foods. But by adding alkaline water to your diet, either by adding a few alkaline drops into a pitcher of water or by employing a water ionizer, it’ll help neutralise and remove the acidity from your body.

Whether you are following the latest dietary studies or listening to Mom and Dad’s old recommendation, the reality is that eating a variety of good fruit and veg together with drinking masses of water is a serious factor making a contribution to good general fitness.

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