Quinoa Buying Tips

Quinoa fascinates nutrionists. This mega food is packed with protein, iron, lysine, methionine, amino acids, and fiber. It’s been said that you could practically live off Quinoa alone (not that it is recommended) – I think the Incas really knew what they were doing as far as diet goes!

The slow-releasing carbohydrate properties of Quinoa make for a healthy way to maintain your blood sugar and keep your energy up during the day. I love Quinoa breakfast cereal – and when I eat it in the morning, I feel satisfied and full of energy for most of the day.

There has also been talk about the potential effects Quinoa has for migraine sufferers and heart patients. I have no idea if this has been proven or not, but eating healthy has to be beneficial and Quinoa is definitely very healthy.

But Beware: Not all Quinoa is the same. With some basic knowledge of this super food, your experience with Quinoa will be much better.

Quinoa Buying Tips 101

1. Not all Quinoa is created equal

Quinoa grows with a very bitter outer casing that requires it to be thoroughly washed before cooking. Even Quinoa packages that claim to be pre-washed may not be washed enough to remove the bitter taste.

2. Make sure it’s all eatable Quinoa

It is very common for consumers to find pieces of Quinoa chaff in their package of Quinoa. Be sure to buy a brand that is pure Quinoa seed with no chaff pieces.

3. Buying Quinoa is one of those times when you really do get what you pay for

Cheap Quinoa is just that – cheap. If you’ve never eaten Quinoa before, I highly recommend buying a good brand that is thouroughly pre-washed so you can cook it and eat it right from the bag. Quinoa that is not washed properly will taste bitter – bad enough that you may think you don’t like Quinoa when the fact is, you didn’t try GOOD Quinoa.

Buying Quinoa online can enable you to get the best brand of Quinoa and save a lot in the process compared to what you would spend in a health food store.

Our Favorite Brand of Quinoa

It took a lot of trial and error – and almost giving up on Quinoa – before we found a brand that we really liked and tasted really good. Our favorite Quinoa comes pre-washed and it really IS pre-washed. There is no chaff mixed in… and when you buy it online, you can save a good bit.

This brand of Quinoa has become a staple in our household and it is not up for change. If you’re like me, once you try this Quinoa, your search will be over and you will be very loyal to this product.

Check out our favorite brand of Quinoa Here.

As you will see, the over-whelming consensus of this brand is 100% positive – people LOVE it…just read the reviews.

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